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A Journey to the Kingdom of Ancient Chinese Poems

This project aims to provide the audience a ticket to the fascinating garden of ancient Chinese poems from the age of Warring States to the years of Chinese Revolution. Language used in the ancient Chinese poems are dramatically different from what Chinese people use in every day's dialogue. The antique language in those poems applies abstruse vocabulary and very flexible grammar. Meanwhile, the emotions of the poet is profound and can jump out of the paper when you understand the grammar and vocabulary. Most of them follow very restrictive rhythms and format notwithstanding extraordinary imagination.
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Domination of Asia Pacific

Domination of Asia Pacific "Domination of Asia Pacific" is a culture project that I am working on right now. It describes how gender, race, class and sexuality are involved in the military and diplomatic policies of United States of Asia Pacific area. When discussing those topics, we tend to focus on what happened within our country and forget about what's happening overseas. Today, Asia Pacific is probably the most import area in terms of geopolitics and economy. Generals and officers in pentagon claim that US military force and foreign policy is the basement for the security and economic development of Asia Pacific area. This dominant ideology is partially correct but it cloaks many problems related with US army and policy in Asia Pacific such as racism, and capitalism. This project aims on using images, texts and sounds to unveil the another counter-hegemonic side of United States' domination on

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Hello Everyone, I am Gavin Yu, an inspirational student studying bioinformatics at Carnegie Mellon University. I finished my bachelor degree in Biochemistry from University of California San Diego. I am especially interested in computational biochemistry, drug design, mathematical physics, artificial intelligence and synthetic biology. I am also focusing on the issue of social justice, diversity and culture since they together with science form the basement of our civilization. It would be my great pleasure to share knowledge with you guys on those fields through this website! Right now I am working on projects that apply machine learning on medicine field, which would drastically revolutionize our current understanding of diseases, genetics and pharmacy. If you are an ambitious employer looking for talented and experienced guy in both biological sciences and data science, please contact me through my personal email: